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| 2016.08.21 |
Really good Open Water season for the Holmdahl broders
Congratulations to the excellent results!

Vansbro Halvsim 1500 m
Jesper 4th place time:19:37,4
Linus 5th place time:19:44,5

Vansbrosimmet 3000 m
Jesper 11 :a totalt tid: 33:45,4

Vansbro ungdomssim 1000 m
Linus 3 :a tid: 11:42,5
Jesper 4:a tid: 11:49,2

Stenungsundssimmet 1000 m
Linus 1:a tid:12:13,3
Jesper 2:a tid:12:33,3

Göteborgssimmet 1000 m
Jesper 1:a tid : 12:54,4 och
Linus 2:a tid:12:57,1

Vi ser redan nu fram mot Open Water säsongen 2017, och är säkra på att vi får se dem högst på pallen många gånger framöver.
| 2016.07.06 |
Unga duktiga och lovande simmare till Team Mormaii
Linus och Jesper Holmdahl från S77 i Stenungssund går med i team Mormaii. Vi önskar dessa två mycket duktiga simmare välkomna och önskar dem lycka till med open-water tävlingarna. Fokus i sommar är Vansbro och Göteborgssimmet.
| 2015.08.14 |
Jesper Holmdahl won Göteborgssimmet 1000m
Congratulations to Jesper Holmdahl, 15 år, from S77 Stenungsund Simmet, that, using a Mormaii wetsuit, got 1st place on Göteborgssimmet 1000m with record time of 12:48.
| 2015.08.09 |
Premier for Stenungsundssimmet
A beautiful sunny day on Talbobadet was the scenario for the first Stenungsundssimmet, nicely arranged by S77 Simklubb. With over 40 participants, among them several with Mormaii wetsuits, the premier was a success. On the female side Alva Back won with time of 14:57, and on the Male side Marcus Alexandersson, with 12:34 .

We look forward to next year's event.
| 2015.08.01 |
Hannele Sandhal and Emma Lyzell on Öloppet Finish line
It was with big smiles that Emma and Hannele came to the finish line, after running and swimming between islands in Göteborg's south archipelago on Öloppet 2015. Well done!
| 2012.07.08 |
Tim Arnesen och Mathilde Riis Sörensen segrare i Vansbrosimningen 2012
Tim Arnesen, Mölndal, took home the victory in Vansbrosimningen 2012 after one exciting dispute where the 2nd place, Anton Björk-Teucher, Karlstad, had to let him go. Tim Arnesens time was 30:24.6.

Female winner was, exactly as in 2010 and 2011, Mathilde Riis Sörensen, Esbjerg, Danmark, with time 31:26.4. Matilde had won one day before the Vansbro Tjejsim again, for the 3rd consecutive year, and SM/JSM Open Water 5000 meter, also for 3rd time in a row.
| 2011.09.17 |
International day of cleaning rivers and beaches
Every day the beaches are invaded by an infinity of different wastes that deteriorate the nature, affecting directly the lives of sea animal. Mormaii participates in International Coastal Cleanup day, on Sept 17th, which has been happening for 25 years already and involves around 500 thousand people into collecting garbage in the beaches. Join the movement !
| 2011.06.08 |
Oscar Olsson finishes in 6th place in Kalmar Ironman
Mormaii is sponsoring the triathlete Oscar Olsson, whom managed very well with his target of sub 9 in the biggest Long Distance triathlon in the Nordic countries, Järnmannen in Kalmar (Ironman distance). With over 800 participants he finished in 6th place with the time 8.56.55. Congratulations and we are looking forward next challenge.
| 2011.06.08 |
Mormaii's tent is very well visited in Kalmar Ironman
Mormaii had a very well visited tent where athletes and spectators could see a get to know several products from Mormaii to protect against the cold waters and make the trainings a bit more comfortable. The hood, totally sold out on last year's competition, as well as gloves and socks, make it possible to start the training season out much earlier in the year.
| 2011.07.10 |
Winners in Vansbrosimmet use Mormaii wetsuits

It was a Danish win in both female and male competition at the 61st Vansbrosimmet yesterday (the world biggest open water swimming with close to 14000 participants). Mathilde Riis Sørensen had the winning time of 31,28 and Nicklas Luplau won the male race with 30,05. Both winners used the new Mormaii wetsuit and are sponsored by Mormaii in Denmark.
Congratulations to both great athletes for a superb achievement.

foto: Åsa Larsson
| 2011.07.09 |
Wilma Johansson is the youngest girl ever to swim Tjejsimmet in Vansbro
Wilma Johansson, from Triathlon Väst in Gothenburg, became the youngest girl ever to swim Tjejsimmet in Vansbro, only 9 years young she manage to finish in style over the 1000 meters in countercurrent in a fantastic time of 26.05 minutes. We at Mormaii congratulate her and looking forward many great results in the years to come.
| 2011.05.29 |
Mormaii in Iroman Brasil
The competition was held in Florianopolis with participants from 34 countries. Many of the athlets used Mormaii wetsuits during the swimming. This is the biggest triathlon race in South America, and Mormaii were there to support the triathletes with equipment. Mormaii showed many different products at the Expo Ironman 2011. The race was on Saturday, but many activities started already during the week, among them the possibility for the publice to visit Expo Ironman 2011. Before the start of 3.8km swimming, 180 km bike and 42 km running, the nice expo had many products and a wide range of services, which rose the temperature even more of the Ironman Brasilien, Florianópolis (SC). With high quality and invovative design aimed for triathlon, Mormaii participated in Jurere International, during this real 100% sport "carneval". We showed many products from sunglasses Floater to Triflex wetsuits, Male winner was Eduardo Sturla from Argentina, with a time of 8:15:03. Best female was American Amy Marsh, with a strong 9:09:39.
| 2011.05.29 |
The Pires bothers helps each other to achive the target to participate in Ironman
Chiquinho and Arthur entered the finishing line together. Chiquinho is suffering from a severe scolios, but thanks to his brother, Artur, whom is a teacher in history and a triathlet, he got a ride. Chiquinho was towed by Artur on a Mormaii surfboard, and then on a special constructed bike, to finish the run on the threewheeler. Both were equiped with Mormaii wetsuits during the swim. The time for these excellente athletes were 13 hours and 29 minutes.

The brothers in the swimming part of Ironman Brasil
| 2011.03.23 |
Wind turbines reduce emissions of CO2 from the plant in 4 tons per year.
Mormaii implements windmill collectors in order to use a more green energy. This is another step that Mormaii takes for the preservation of the environment
| 2011.01.18 |
Klara Hansson, sponsored by Mormaii Sweden,
is 3rd in the ranking of World's Absolute Freediver Awards 2010

The freediving portal http://apnea.cz announced the results of the annual award for the best and the most complete breath-hold divers, and Klara Hansson, athlete sponsored by Mormaii Sweden, went up from 5th position in 2009 to 3rd position in 2010.
| 2009.10.20 |
14 athletes from USG Swim and Waterpolo Gym swim across Strait of Fehmarn from Lolland Island (Denmark) to Fehmarn Island (Germany)

With the water temperature at 17 degrees and an ocean that became very rough along the crossing, 14 athletes swam from Lolland Island (Denmark) to Fehmarn Island (Germany), in September, on a beautiful Sunday morning. All the athletes wore Mormaii wetsuits, which are produced in Garopaba (SC).

Along the crossing the wind got stronger and brought waves up to 2 meters. In 6 hours and 37 minutes, the rest of the group arrived on Fehmarn Island (Germany), after 22 km struggling so the current of up to 1 knot wouldn't drag anyone away.

The support of Mormaii was fundamental for the success of the event.

Fehmarn Island (Germany) after 22 km struggling.
| 2008.08.14 |
Mormaii's team wins European Championship of Hobie Cat Vittorio and Lamberto won the title in the Tiger 16 category.

From August 6th to 9th happened the Hobie Tiger European Championship 2008 in Copenhagen (Denmark). The Mormaii's team that is composed of Lamberto Cesari and Vittorio Bissaro leaded the championship from the start to the end until the last day. More experienced teams also with more titles participated in it, such as the European champion of 2007, Arne Goshe, and the Holland double, Caesy-Tentji.

This has been the best result of the Italian double Cesari-Bissaro. PHOTOS Pierrick Contin
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