Mormaii wetsuits - multiple winners of Vansbrosimmet both Female and Male
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Dr.Morongo, founder of Mormaii, testing a wetsuit

One of the world's leading wetsuit manufacturer with over 30 years experience

Mormaii has produced wetsuits since 1979 and is the market leader in South America. It is also a highly regarded brand in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

Seawide Trading has sold Mormaiis wetsuits for over 10 years in Scandinavia. This has become a very popular wetsuit in
both elite and athletes, with many prominent placements in competitions.

Mormaii uses a particular neoprene, highly insulating and elastic, which provides a great sense of freedom in the movements.
The glued joints together with Blind Stich seams make the suit completely smooth and impermeable, and that also the zipper
blocks the water to penetrate.

A layer of titanium (TRT - Titan Reflective Technology) reflects body heat and conserve the heat up to 30% more than a
regular suit. The suit's neck has a proven height to avoid irritation when swimming crawl.

The suit has a large buoyancy that helps flotation, which gives better glide and saves power in the strokes.

The new model for triathlon and swimming has, among other things, the
Whale Skin (channels on the under arm and legs), can provide up to 8% more power in swimming

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